Monday, August 13, 2012

Unemployed- Crafting and Cleaning Day 8

Two of my guys went off to work today but I had to play chauffeur in the morning since my younger son needed to have his car checked out.  Is that a good enough excuse for not getting much done around the house?  OK- I did wash a load of assorted rags and towels that were collecting themselves by the washer.

And... I cleaned my nightstand!!  I read a blog a long time ago (sorry- I don't remember which one) on cleaning your house.  It said to start small and to start with drawers and closets.  Everyone starts cleaning up the clutter and things sitting around but they find they have no place to put everything since the hiding places are all jammed up.  The trick is to start with the hiding places.  I'm not posting pics of my house but I did clean out all 3 drawers and the top of my nightstand.  We have house gremlins that constantly move things around and I have discovered that my nightstand is one of the few places the gremlins haven't found.  Things stay put on my nightstand- but unfortunately that also means things pile up.

And I tried get a few pics of my lacey bridal necklace.  I don't have enough to list it on Etsy but here's a sneak preview. This isn't the best pic but it has pearl colored beads on one side, matte crystal beads on the other and some silver beads off-center in the middle.


MegansBeadedDesigns said...

That's an interesting point. my house often LOOKS clean, don't don't open up any of the closets!!! lol

Dawn N said...

That's why I'm starting with drawers and closets since I have time. I'm just lacking the motivation.