Sunday, December 21, 2008

Rethinking Color

When I first staring making beaded jewelry I always used dark colors- black, navy, charcoal. I had lots of friendly advice about my color choices, mostly telling me to use bright colors instead of the dark tones I was drawn to. Not everyone likes dark colors I was told. So, I bought LOTS of bright colored beads and started making bright colored jewelry. And now, most of the compliments and requests I get are for the darker tones I originally used. I am rethinking the colors I will use in the future. I see dark tones with a splash of brightly colored accents in my future (since I still have LOTS of bright colored beads). I just re-listed some Jagged Circle Earrings in my original color combination- charcoal, bronze, and steel.

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GrandmaMarilyns said...

It is so hard to second think the customers. What is good about this world is that we all think differently. I, myself, love the bright colors but am drawn to the blacks, bronzes and so forth too.