Sunday, October 25, 2009

Fall Leaf Walk

It's a beautiful sunny fall day in south central Pennsylvania. Quite a contrast to yesterday which was ugly and cloudy with periods of torrential rain. Bob and I decided to go for a walk since this will probably be the last nice day we can get out to see the beautiful fall leaves. He sprained his knee last weekend but fortunately our favorite leaf walk is a flat path along the edge of a nearby lake. We were shocked when we got to the "lake". It had been drained so repairs could be made on the dam that is at one end and was a huge mudpuddle at one end. But the leaves were pretty and that is what we really wanted to see.

I wanted to walk along the edge of what little water was left so we could pretend we were at the beach. There was only one spot that was low enough so that Bob could climb down with his bad knee. There were a bunch of neat looking tree stumps in that area.

We did see lots of pretty leaves. And I found some pieces of driftwood I can use for little wall hangings and an unusual piece of rusty metal. I think I can do something interesting with it since it has holes and all the edges are smooth.


Patricia said...

Beautiful day and that driftwood say, "craft me!" doesn't it? Now get back to beading, lady. :)

Rose Works Jewelry said...

Beautiful :)

Marlaine said...

Those tree stumps are really cool! And of course the leaves are beautiful. Looks like a beautiful day for a walk.

Jewels said...

I would have so brought at least one of those tree stumps home with me!!! Imagine one of those, sitting on its side, displaying your jewelry. Gorgeous! :)