Wednesday, September 23, 2009

My Personal Challenge- Tuesday

Tuesday was not as productive as Monday was. We ran some errands and watched a movie so I had less beading time.

I did manage to get the embellishment on the bracelet I started and made 2 more snowflakes.

Late in the afternoon I realized my ANG (American Needlepoint Guild) meeting is on Saturday and I have to finish 2 rounds on the project we just started. I hadn't chosen my colors, so after a quick decision I started stitching. I decided to use an over-dyed thread that I made in a class several years ago as one of the colors but I'm not sure I like it. I'll keep going and rip it out later if it looks bad after I add more rounds with different colors.


Rose Works Jewelry said...

You still got stuff done - that's what counts :)

Patricia said...

Getting anything done is a win! Good going!


Foxan said...

Exactly! Keep on doing great job!